How It Works

Iconic Copyright provides four key services at no cost for our creatives: filing copyrights, marketing creative works, monitoring for unfair use, and providing legal aid when work has been stolen.

Iconic takes your unique work and registers it with the U.S. Copyright Office giving you your time back to do what you love.

Your work is then marketed and licensed by Iconic Copyright for consumer and business purchase. You will receive revenue and royalties whenever a user pays for the rights to publish your content.

Iconic will also monitor the use of your work for any unfair use. Iconic is dedicated to protecting your passion and hard work, and will identify any stolen images online. All without you having to lift a finger.

When you use Iconic Copyright, you are taking your career and passion to another level. Iconic is determined to pay you better royalty rates than the services currently being offered to you. Iconic and you are a team that will embrace your passion and hard work. You have already put so much time and energy into getting yourself here, let us take you all the way.