Iconic Copyright will register any image so long as the Artist is the original creator of the work that is being registered.  If an Artist created an image as a work for hire, then the individual or entity that hired the Artist to create the image owns the rights to that given image.  Also, if an Artist obtains “found footage” or “orphan works” where the original creator of the images cannot be identified or determined, then those works cannot be registered by Iconic Copyright.

Yes.  When an Artist engages Iconic Copyright, Iconic becomes the exclusive Agent of their works and the use of those works in the first instance as their licensing agent.  This engagement grants Iconic the rights and duties to protect and defend the copyrights that are issued for the artistic works.

Yes.  In the event that Iconic licenses an image to be published, Iconic will collect the applicable license fees for the image and remit royalties to the Artist as a balance on their profile. An artist will have the ability to cash out the balance at any point. 

When a Photographer or Artist engages Iconic Copyright, Iconic has the exclusive rights to register, publish, market, and license the Artist’s images.  Each of the artists’ images is published on Iconic’s platform for marketing purposes.

Iconic Copyright will register any original artistic work with the U.S. Copyright Office so that a Certificate of Registration is issued.  All of the registered works will be published on Iconic’s platform to be marketed and licensed for editorial or commercial publication.  Iconic will monitor the use of all licensed and published images to will determine if any of the images are the subject potential copyright infringement that requires the enforcement of registered work.